Watching Ronda Rousey’s Ab Workout Will Make You Sore

And trying it yourself will leave you embarrassed. 

One doesn’t get abs like Ronda Rousey by doing a few sit-ups while watching Chopped. That kind of washboard comes from painstaking work. We know this because UFC honcho Dana White tweeted a video of Rousey’s ab workout yesterday and we’re doubled over in pain  just from watching. 

Given how quickly Rousey dispatches opponents, it’s easy to think that her abilities come naturally. That sells her short. Rousey works herself silly before fights, training at least four hours a day and working on muscles that don’t play an obvious part in armbarring or obliterating faces. The abs, for example. 

It’s no surprise to see Rousey going all out in training. She prides herself on her ferocious desire, and she wants other women to do the same. That’s why she filed a trademark for “Do Nothing Bitch,” the phrase she uses to describe women who strive to be “pretty and get taken care of by somebody else.” Sounds kind of demeaning, but it’s actually empowering. At least that’s what Rousey says, and we’re sure as hell not going to argue with her.

Photos by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images