Rory McIlroy Defies Physics, Hits 436-Yard Drive

The 25-year-old superstar hits a par-4 green at the Scottish Open with a single swing.

When the average low-handicapper steps to the tee and the marker says 436 yards, he’s thinking a driver and a 7-iron, maybe a driver-wedge if he’s a big hitter. Hell, the vast majority of pros will plan on lobbing a wedge in. Not so Rory McIlroy, who dialed up his elastic swing to 11 on Thursday and drove the green on Royal Aberdeen’s 436-yard 13th hole. The Scottish Open commentators had plenty to say about the power of the Northern Irishman’s swing, but here’s the true testament to how unexpected and outrageous that stroke actually was: Rory’s ball rolled gently across the green to where the pair in front of him was putting. Rory literally caught up with the competition. He’s making pros looking like loiterers at the local muni.

If you work for ESPN3, which is offering a Tiger-only feed for next week’s British Open, and happen to be reading this, please consider talking to your network overlords about switching the focus to Rory. The world’s eighth-ranked player looks like he’s ready to make a statement at Royal Liverpool.