Rose McGowan Challenges Beauty Norms in the Video For “RM486”

“I want to expose people to art in a real way, and I want to change the idea of what beauty is,” says McGowan.

Rose McGowan, known primarily for her performances in films like Jawbreaker, Doom Generation, and for her role on the TV show Charmed, surprised fans by taking a hard stab at music videos with her appearance in “RM486.” The video is a collaboration between McGowan and WhoYouAre, featuring music by the Paris electro-band Punishment. 

McGowan had this to say about the video, “I am a version of all five characters in the video. All are pieces that make up my whole – as an artist, a public figure and most importantly, as a person. I am pushing back at the idea of who I am suppose to be, to embrace who I want to be. Changing the idea of what beauty is and exposing people to art in a real way is what I want to do. There is true power in art and true power in we who believe in it. I hope you will join me on this journey of promoting art, pushing boundaries and never being afraid to be who you are.”

McGowan wrote all the lyrics for the song, which has a bit of a Sia vibe to it. 

Although this is her biggest music video to date, it’s not her first. McGowan has recently appeared in Charli XCX’s video for “Break The Rules,” and Devendra Banhart’s “Mondo Taurobolium.” 

Photos by Promo