Here’s Russell Wilson With an Important Lesson on How Not to Compliment Your Girl

Pro tip: Google is not your friend.


For an NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson is a colossal dweeb. On Wednesday, he posted a #WCW tweet to beau Ciara that was supposed to be all gushy and romantic. And if you’re 13, maybe it was. 

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It’s corny, no doubt, but what makes this sweet nothing so worthy of mockery isn’t the tortured prose, but  the unoriginality. Russ didn’t even write this! The goofball just Googled “How to describe a beautiful woman” and copied something from the very first result. We know this because eagle-eyed Seahawks fan Natalie Weiner blew up his spot. 

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This isn’t the only time he used the romantic flourishes found on either. But hey, at least he fessed up. 

After he was exposed, Wilson tweeted an admission along with a delightfully on-brand confession: He prefers Bing. Wilson is, of course, a Microsoft pitchman. And then he tweeted an original message to Ciara that left us pining for the bland prose of

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Pro tip, fellas: Google is not your friend.