Russian Hackers Expose Drug Use By America’s Greatest Female Athletes

Only problem is, silly Russians, the drugs were allowed.


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Russian hackers have it out for America’s greatest female athletes. In an attempt to discredit some of the United State’s most accomplished women, hackers who broke into a World Anti-Doping Agency database posted personal medical information about Simone Biles, the Williams sisters, and WNBA star Elena Delle Donne on Tuesday.

According to the information published by the hacker group, each of the athletes has used or is using a banned substance, and WADA is allowing it. Of course, that’s because the athletes have “therapeutic use exemptions,” which allow banned substances for medical reasons.

The records showed that Biles, who just put on the most dominant performance in the history of Olympic gymnastics, tested positive for Ritalin, which she says she’s taken to treat her ADHD since childhood.

<blockquote class=[/embed]<p>They also show that the Williams sisters have, at different points in their careers, been granted waivers to use banned pain-killers and anti-inflammatories, among other drugs. Neither was on any of these drugs in the Rio Olympics though, and as Venus <a href="">said in a statement</a>, she has only used them "when serious medical conditions have occurred.” Each time her usage was approved by an "independent group of doctors."   </p><p>Lastly, the hackers set their sights on WNBA megastar Elena Delle Donne, whose medical records showed that she has been allowed to use an amphetamine and a hydrocortisone. She responded to the revelation with a sarcasm (see the text attached to this pic). </p>

It should be noted that in the sports that these three women play, the United States won 12 medals in Rio. Russia won five. No wonder they’re so salty.