Russian Teens Continue Their Vigilante War Against Reckless Drivers

But has the “stop a douchebag” movement met its match?

Set to some blistering metal, a new video shows the Russian teens who have taken to the sidewalks to stop reckless drivers meeting their match in a deranged driver, who, while brandishing a pipe, calls the Russian teens the crazy ones. Building off their earlier successes in stopping drivers who use the sidewalk like the road, the teens stand their ground, refusing to give the woman her pipe back. I would do the same if she’d just attacked me. 

The teens do seem to pay attention when the woman mentions her brothers though. If she’s just the kind of person who carries a lead pipe around her trunk, imagine what her brother might be packing? Still, we at Maxim salute these young vigilantes, who are trying to make sidewalks safe again for people like the badass female skateboarder who would have been easily crushed by oncoming traffic. If you’re looking for more “Stop a Douchebag” justice, we definitely recommend this episode, where a driver picks a fight with the wrong vigilante (a champion wrestler).