Ryan Gosling Will Be Joining Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2

We have some thoughts.

When it comes to science fiction, 1982’s Blade Runner is a true classic, so when we heard that there was going to be a sequel we were excited — but cautiously so. After all, how many movies have fallen victim to Hollywood’s treatment of half-baked sequels and shoddy reboots?

What we know so far is that it’ll be set in 2047 and Harrison Ford has called it “the best script” he’s ever had, which sounds promising. The other lead opposite Ford has been teased for some time, with director Ridley Scott hinting that “there’s somebody else who’s very good, very interesting. I think Ryan Gosling is probably going to do it, with Harrison.”

On Monday, Gosling finally confirmed that he’ll be a lead in Blade Runner 2 in an interview with Collider. While it’s easy to dismiss him as a pretty and shallow rom com leading man (cough The Notebook cough), it’s worth remembering his complex and nuanced performances in movies like Drive and Half Nelson. There may be hope for this sequel yet.

h/t Collider