WATCH: Ryan Gosling Loses It On SNL

Gosling gets the man-giggles. 

Ryan Gosling, the very serious and very handsome actor, has set an impossible standard for the rest of us men to live up to. How am I meant to have 10 percent body fat and effortlessly traverse both blockbusters and acclaimed art-house flicks?

He must be stopped.

It is for this reason that we’re reveling in the fact that he barely made it through his stint on SNL last night. While it was a pretty strong episode overall, Gosling, in several skits, completely broke character in irrepressible bouts of man-giggles. He fumbles his lines, attempts to stifle his laughter, and then just ends up laughing more.

It’s been a while since another guest host lost it like this.

We had hoped this mishap would knock the matinee idol down a peg to two, but it seems having an Oscar nomination and a perfect body will get you out of anything. Much to our chagrin, his giggle-spells were described by netizens as “cute” and “endearing” and “the best part of the show.” There’s just no stopping this guy.

Below, review three of Gosling’s biggest laugh-fits: 

1. Ryan loses his cool when Aidy Bryant revives her character of a lascivious 12 year old for Birthday Party.

2. Ryan breaks character in this skit where three people recall being abducted by aliens. When Kate McKinnon describes peeing in front of her abductors, Gosling loses it.

3. In this skit, Gosling cracks up when Kyle Mooney whips off his shirt and demands a fight. It’s likely the first time Ryan has seen anyone without a six pack, so we’ll let this one fly.

Photos by NBC / Getty Images