Ryan Reynolds Is Remaking ‘Home Alone’ as an R-Rated Stoner Flick

No, Seth Rogen isn’t involved in ‘Stoned Alone.’

Ryan Reynolds Home Alone Promo
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Hot off the success of Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds is reimagining Home Alone as an R-rated stoner comedy.  

Stoned Alone is currently in development at Fox, with Reynolds attached as a producer and rising film maker Augstine Frizzell set to direct. 

Deadline got the scoop and has further details regarding the pot-infused plot: 

[Stoned Alone] centers around a twenty-something weed growing loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip. He makes the best of things by getting high.

Paranoia sets in and he believes he hears someone break into his house. Turns out thieves have broken in. Fully stoned and fueled by paranoia, he tries to thwart the thieves and defend his castle. 

The script has already been penned by The Package writers Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider for Reynolds’ production company, Maximum Effort. No casting announcements have been made.

Macaulay Culkin, the child actor who played 8-year-old Kevin McCallister in the first two Home Alone installments, is now 37 and totally looks the part. 

Macaulay Culkin 

Plus, imagine how many Deadpool-esque meta jokes could be made if the original Home Alone star played the lead role in Stoned Alone. 

Just sayin’.