This Beastie Boys and Sesame Street ‘Sabotage’ Mash-Up Is The Greatest Thing On The Internet Right Now

Totally epic.

Nothing can improve on the original music video for the Beastie Boys‘ “Sabotage.” That’s a given. It’s a classic in its own way, hilarious, quirky, and perfectly in tune with the group’s funky sense of humor. This unexpected combination of Sesame Street muppets and Beasties, however, is damn awesome in its own right.

It was put together by Adam Schleichkorn, the mashup genius behind this channel, who agrees the original is perfect, and throws in some extra respect for late Beasties member MCA at the end of the video. 

For reference, and just because it’s still undeniably awesome, here’s the ’70s cop drama-spoofing original below. You know, the immortal 1994 video Maxim once named as one of the 47 Best Things Ever. 

Making muppet (and cartoon character)-fueled mashups with improbable hit songs is sort of a thing for Schleichkorn, who has managed to reliably go viral with a few in the past. Enjoy some more of his work below.