Watch Sad Ben Affleck Come to Grips With the Savage ‘Batman v. Superman’ Reviews

Hello darkness my old friend.

Poor Ben Affleck. The early reviews for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (including ours) have been absolutely brutal, and despite the fact that the Batfleck’s performance as the Dark Knight was a bright spot in the middle of an otherwise total clusterfuck, the actor doesn’t seem to be taking the criticism well at all.

Just take a look at his face during a recent interview, courtesy of one crafty Redditor, when asked about the negative response to the highly-anticipated superhero slugfest:

Yes, it’s funny, but watch it again. Watch as Affleck sits in a resigned silence as co-star Henry Cavill attempts to spin his way out of what may be the most disappointing movie of the year. You can almost hear what he’s thinking: Why did I do this? Why did I think this was a good idea? Is this Daredevil all over again? No, even worse — it’s Gigli. Fucking Gigli. And at least I got laid in that movie. Alfred was right … I need to get out more.

Fear not, Affleck: The wider moviegoing public will look past the horrifyingly awkward writing and everyone else’s bad performances. But just in case you’re worried about the actor, we recommend sending the poor guy a bouquet from the French Florist in Los Angeles. Remember: You’re the hero Affleck needs right now.

h/t Reddit, obviously, because that’s where everything on the internet comes from.