That Sad-Looking Warriors Fan Has An Instagram Account That’ll Make You Happy

Her name is Claire Bogle, and her Instagram pics are smoking hot.


(Photo: @adamsmoot on Twitter)

The Cleveland Cavaliers clobbered the Golden State Warriors in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, and no boosters of Steph Curry‘s squad seemingly felt the sting more than one sad-looking blonde fan.

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After her rueful expression made the rounds on social media, the eagle-eyed reporters at Busted Coverage revealed her identity to be Claire Bogle—who just happens to have a smoldering Instagram account.

The crestfallen beauty is reportedly the co-founder of a hip-hop promotional company in Austin (which might explain that random Ja Rule photo). Not much else is known about Boggle aside from the fact that she is mind-bogglingly gorgeous.

This is almost as good as when that too-thirsty Steph Curry admirer was identified as model Roni Rose.

h/t BroBible