Sad Miami Marlins Team Have Unsurprisingly Sad MLB Poll Results

It’s a bad time to be a Marlin.

(Photo: Imgur)

The MLB Network recently polled (trolled?) the fanbase of the 40-65 Miami Marlins with a question concerning who is the “face” of the franchise. As you may have predicted, Giancarlo Stanton took the majority of the votes, clocking in at 49%, and rightly so – Stanton has talent and youth to spare. However, Stanton is the subject of endless trade rumors, and has expressed frustration with the franchise, even going as far as saying he’d like to be traded. But maybe Stockholm Syndrome will kick in soon?

The list goes downhill from there. And not downhill like a pretty rolling Irish meadow. More like down the face of an incredibly steep cliff. Jeffery Loria drew 14%, but even the most casual of baseball fans could tell from justafew headlines that a vote for Loria was a vote for irony. Coming in third was Billy the Marlin, the anthropomorphic fish best known for almost being maimed by A.J. Burnett. In all fairness, Billy’s face is the face of an actual marlin, so the pick might not be all that bad.

It’s certainly better than the fourth place winner: The Toronto Blue Jays, which, after a blow-out trade this season, contains most of the talented faces of last year’s Marlins. Following that, the Marlins’ notoriously atrocious center field statue makes an appearance, followed by “nobody,” and closing out with two actual current players for the team.

When you’d rather have this guy represent your team than anyone on the actual roster, you can assume that things are pretty bleak in Miami.

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