Sailor Jerry Spiced Mojito

It’s National Mojito Day! Let’s do this.

The fourth has come and gone again this year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a bagillion other days to celebrate. 

Today is National Mojito Day! And who better to celebrate with than good ol’ Drunk Uncle Jerry!

…er, Sailor Jerry, we mean. 

You know, the rum! Check out this spiced rendition of the refreshing minty mojito cocktail, made with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Make one or seven, and enjoy!

Sailor Jerry Spiced Mojito

3 Parts Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

2 Parts fresh lime juice

2 Parts Simple Syrup

10 Loose mint leaves

4 Parts soda water

Combine ingredients (except soda) in a mixing glass and shake well. Pour directly into highball glass, top with ice and soda. Garnish with generous fresh mint sprig and lime. 

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