Salma Hayek Scorches Instagram Yet Again With ‘National Bikini Day’ Photo

“How to break the internet.”

(Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images)

Salma Hayek is heating up Instagram once again by sharing a photo of her rocking a tiny two-piece swimsuit to celebrate National Bikini Day.

“Can you believe the bikini has only been around for 77 years?! Let’s hope they don’t ban them too,” the Mexican actress captioned the sizzling swimsuit pic.


Hayek, 57, who also plays herself in the latest season of Netflix’s Black Mirror, just last week set the internet ablaze by sharing a pair of viral photos to celebrate another curious quasi-holiday, World Wellbeing Week.

She appeared perfectly at-peace as she laid back on a sauna bench, using only towels to cover herself.

“Embracing the healing power of the sauna and sweating out the stress this #WorldWellbeingWeek,” Hayek captioned the post, which has been liked by over 920,000 people.

Adoring comments ranged from “How to break the internet” to proclamations of Hayek’s superlative beauty: “Most beautiful woman I’ve seen.”

Several From Dusk Till Dawn GIFs also cropped up in replies—the Quentin Tarantino-penned, Robert Rodriguez-directed 1996 movie features a brief but memorable appearance from her in a legendary striptease scene.

For Hayek, wellbeing and self-care is a year-round commitment. In fact, the only recent post that’s garnered more likes shows Hayek flaunting her age-defying figure in a bikini on the side of a yacht.

“Some people don’t like grey days, but I think everyday is precious. Adore your week, no matter what it brings,” she captioned the lone photo, with topped out at nearly 1.8 million likes.

Take a look at a few more of Hayek’s other recent Instagram highlights below: