The Salvation is the Dark Danish Western You Never Knew Your Wanted

It’s a classic story of good guys and bad guys and Eva Green. 

What happens when an avant-garde Danish director films a Western in Australia? The Salvation, a gritty, stripped down film that dropped its first official U.S. release trailer yesterday.

Directed by Kristian Levring, a member of the Dogme 95 school of filmmaking (Lars Von Trier co-wrote the movement’s manifesto),

The Salvation

 premiered at Cannes in 2014. It tells the story of Jon (Mads Mikkelsen), a former Danish soldier who settled down in the Wild West after losing to the Germans in the 1864 war. After several years, he’s saved up enough to bring over his wife (Nanna Oland Fabricus, the Brooklyn-based musician known as “Oh Land”) and son, who are almost immediately murdered because life. He then avenges their deaths, killing the brother of despotic Delarue (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who rules the surrounding area with an iron fist. The dead man was also married to Madeleine (the always-beautiful Eva Green),  a stoic, smoldering woman who’s mute due to Indians slicing out her tongue years ago but has found other ways of communicating.

Jon and his brother Peter (



) find themselves left alone to defeat


gang and then some other stuff happens…. The trailer promises a dark western with tense, frequent shoot-outs amid an old-school, dusty landscape. We can’t wait to see who wins on February 27.