Sandwich of the Week: Buddy V’s Meatball Sub

There’s nothing like Grandma’s secret recipe.

Buddy V’s: Las Vegas, Nevada


1. Grandma’s Meatballs

2. Tomato Ragu

3. Herbed Ricotta

4. Provolone

“An East Coast favorite, the two most important parts of a meatball sub: the balls and the bread.  Obviously you gotta start with good meatballs, we use Grandma’s recipe: We start with veal, beef and pork. Then throw in a bit of garlic, grana padana, eggs, herbs and a whole lot of Old World love.  The right bread is crucial to any good sandwich, we have a bakery out here that custom makes ours that gives us a light and crispy exterior but very soft crumb with little resistance when taking a chomp into it.  Any novice has had a meatball fall out of their sub at some point, so we take the liberty of giving it a light smash to ensure your balls stay put.  The sauce and provy cheese are a given, we add herbed ricotta and fresh basil to take it a step further.  We garnish with a sweet cherry pepper and serve with a side of our Tuscan style fries which are tossed with pecorino, grana and herbs.” – Bryan Forgione, Chef