Sandwich of the Week: Num Pang’s Coconut Tiger Shrimp

A taste of Cambodia in New York City.

Num Pang: New York, NY


1. Cilantro

2. Tiger Shrimp

3. Cucumber

4. Shredded Carrots

5. Coconut Flakes

6. Chili Mayo

“One of our signature sandwiches is our Coconut Tiger Shrimp. It’s also one of our most popular among customers. We combine sweet shrimp & coconut (the shrimp is marinated in coconut milk, and also topped with toasted coconuts flakes to finish) with the fresh flavors of cucumber and cilantro, and a subtle hint of spice from the chili mayo for a perfect balance of flavors in one single (but very complex) bite.” – Ben Daitz and Ratha Chaupoly, Chef and Owners