Sandwich of the Week: The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge at The Grove’s Berkshire Pork Belly Bun

Indulge in a taste of Taiwan right on the West Coast.

The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge at The GroveLos Angeles, CA


1. Pickled Fresnos

2. 5 Spice Candied Peanuts

3. Housemade Hoisin Sauce

4. Fried Quail Egg

5. Pork Belly

“The Berkshire Pork Belly Buns were inspired by my recent trip to Taiwan’s Garden Night Market. The market had a great energy, tight quarters, new aromas and smiling Taiwanese women cooking this luscious Pork Belly Bao, ordered either fatty or extra fatty. Their version was the size of both my hands and had 5 spiced braised pork belly and a fried chicken egg. It was delicious and sloppy- perfect for the market environment. My version is more petite and a bit more refined. I like the crispier texture on the belly so we sear ours in a cast iron pan and then top it with a fried quail eggs and 5 spiced sweetened and crushed peanuts.” – Anthony Jacquet, Executive Chef