Ariel Winter’s ‘Modern Family’ Sister Sarah Hyland Just Claimed Her Character Is Bisexual

So Haley Dunphy is into girls too.


(Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Over the course of seven seasons, Modern Family wild child Haley Dunphy has dated upwards of eight guys… but never any women.

That’s about to change—maybe. Actress Sarah Hyland just claimed on Twitter that her character is indeed bisexual after a fan asked her to substantiate some circling rumors.

There’s no way to know where the original rumors bubbled up. None of the showrunners or writers have made the claim that Haley is also into girls. Hyland even admitted in her tweet that she “[doesn’t] know what the writers would say.”

She later clarified that it’s just her personal opinion of hers.

It’d certainly make for an interesting next couple seasons on the groundbreaking TV show, which endeared Americans to a gay couple—Mitchell and Cameron—throughout their process of adopting a child together.

Hyland was quickly celebrated online, particularly by her bisexual fanbase.

We’d tune in for this.

h/t The Wrap