Even Sarah McLachlan Can’t Watch Those Incredibly Depressing ASPCA Ads

Stars — they’re just like us!

Whenever I’m watching TV and I start to hear the opening notes to Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” I either frantically change the channel or, if I can’t find the remote, I just storm out of the room. I can’t sit through an ASPCA ad without blacking out right around the time they show the cat with one eye and waking up two hours later to find myself in the fetal position and drenched in my own tears, only to realize I signed away my entire savings account to the rescue organization.

McLachlan, the voice that launched a thousand donations to the ASPCA, revealed in an interview with Makers that even she can’t make it through the very ads she starred it. “I can’t watch them…it just kills me,” she said. “I have to say, it was brutal doing those ads because it was like ‘Can you just be a little more sad?'”

Either way, it turns out that making your audience incredibly depressed is a worthwhile marketing technique: The ads have raised over $30 million for the ASPCA.

Meanwhile, I accidentally watched one of the ads for “research” and I need to leave work immediately and spend the rest of the day recuperating. 

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h/t New York