Sarah Michelle Gellar May Return for the ‘Cruel Intentions’ TV Remake

Our ‘90s dream girl could be staging a major comeback.


We’ve been pretty hyped about this Cruel Intentions TV remake for some time. After all, the chick flick we weren’t ashamed to admit we dug gave us peak Sarah Michelle Gellar. While we fell in love with her as a vampire-slaying cheerleader, she really drove us mad as Cruel Intentions‘ Kathryn Merteuil—the conniving Upper East Side debutante who used sex to get what she wanted. 

So, we’re understandably thrilled over this latest tidbit of news: our ’90s dream girl may reprise her role as Kathryn for the forthcoming NBC series. 

IGN reports that NBC is trying to get SMG on board for the televised reboot. The series, which will take place 15 years after the original film, will trail Bash Casey, the 16-year-old son of Annette Hargrove (Reese Witherspoon), as he navigates the politics of the New York prep school scene. 

This means Kathryn will have had some time to perfect her wicked ways. And it’s been far too long since Sarah Michelle Gellar has graced our screens, so her reprising the role she was born to play would make for a killer comeback. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed Selma Blair signs on as well, so we can get more of this:

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h/t IGN