Sarah Michelle Gellar And Selma Blair Recreate Famous ‘Cruel Intentions’ Kiss For 2020

“What feels so delicious to me now is how it isn’t shocking in 2020.”

The MTV Movie & TV Awards has been handing out awards for great onscreen makeouts for nearly 30 years now. But the all-time greatest, according to the 2020 edition of the show, which aired on December 6, was the girl-on-girl kiss between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar in the 2000 teen drama Cruel Intentions

This year marks the 20th anniversary of that kiss and Blair and Gellar got together to talk about it for MTV and recreate the moment with a very 2020 twist. Let’s just say the repeat was socially-distanced. Watch below.

Blair also posted a photo of herself and Gellar on Instagram with a caption that illustrated why their particular movie makeout moment became so iconic.

“Looking back 20 years ago… A kiss.” Blair wrote in part. She continued: 

Between two young actresses. On screen. In a mainstream teen movie. In 2000. It was a sweet and delicious kiss for my character, Cecile. And she wanted more. And I must say it was a really good kiss. What feels so delicious to me now is how it isn’t shocking in 2020. It stands for a shift in thinking. I am honored to be the GOAT kiss with my dear friend @sarahmgellar… who has been by my side through the excitement, the slow times, the changes, the kids, in sickness and in health.

Blair posted another video of the actresses accepting their awards at the ceremony in 2000.

 It’s true. The most shocking thing about two women kissing in 2020 would just be the question as to whether both have had recent negative tests for COVID-19