Leaked Set Photos Could Reveal the Plot of ‘Saw 8’

Production on ‘Saw: Legacy’ is officially underway.

“When you’re in hell, only the devil can help you out.” #Saw

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Horror film site Bloody Disgusting reports that production on the eighth Saw installment, Saw: Legacy, is officially underway. And what’s more? Some splatter fanboy shared with the site two purported set photos, and they appear to check out.

The photos reveal a graveyard setting, with one headstone marked “John Kramer.” That’s the real identity of the Jigsaw killer, or the mysterious mastermind behind the franchise’s gruesome, blood-and-guts death traps (i.e. “games”). But Kramer actually died in the third film, leaving his various henchman and followers to carry out the rest of his grisly designs.

The most significant clue left by the set photo is that Kramer’s grave is clearly dug up with his coffin laying above ground. So his grave was indubitably robbed, but by who is unknown.

This could potentially be the crux of the forthcoming film, which is expected to feature the resurgence of Jigsaw-style death traps (exploding head devices, pools of pig guts… you name it). 

Jigsaw got a little carried away this year. #AprilFools

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But will it be the work of his surviving underlings, has a bolt of lightning brought Jigsaw back to life à la Friday the 13th: Part VI, or is a crazed copycat at play?

We’ll find out when the movie hits theaters next October.