‘Training Day’ Director Antoine Fuqua In Talks To Remake ‘Scarface’, Set in Los Angeles

Is the world ready for a ‘Scarface’ reboot?

The favorite movie of anyone who ever daydreamed about nose-plowing through an Everest-sized pile of coke before mowing down a bunch of cartel assassins is getting a reboot. That’s right, it looks like a new Scarface is coming from Antoine Fuqua.  

Fuqua, director of the Denzel Washington classic “bad cop” movie Training Day and more recently of the upcoming Magnificent Seven remake, will pull the film out of its iconic Miami setting and take it to LA, reports Consequence of Sound.  

There isn’t much more info about the remake outside of Fuqua being attached and moving the story out of Miami, but we suspect even a director with Fuqua’s gritty cred may encounter some blowback. 

The 1983 Brian de Palma Scarface (which was itself a remake of a 1932 film with the same title) has legions of fans who likely once did bong hits beneath a poster featuring Al Pacino as the raging lead character, Tony Montana, and can churn out classic quotes from the movie all day. 

Given the compelling work Fuqua’s already given us we’ll keep an open mind and clean coke spoon. 

h/t Consequence of Sound


Steve Huff