Watch Scarlett Johansson and Her Comedy Pals Kill a Male Stripper In ‘Rough Night’ Trailer

It’s ScarJo as you’ve never seen her before…

Scarlett Johansson rough night
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Why is it in darkly comic buddy movies guys get to have all the corpse-toting fun? That’s probably the question that came to the writer behind Rough Night, a new film starring Scarlett Johansson, Saturday Night Live-er Kate McKinnon, Zoë Kravitz and Broad City‘s Ilana Glazer. 

Because basically the thumbnail sketch for the flick as seen in the grimly funny trailer above is the same kind of story we’ve seen in a ton of dramas and comedies, only this time the dead stripper is a dude and the panicked partying pals are women.

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Specifically these five friends from college—Jillian Bell rounds out the cast—are having a 10-year-reunion in Miami for a crazy bachelorette weekend when an unfortunate mishap takes the life of the male stripper they’ve hired for the night. Then they have to Weekend at Bernie’s the whole messy situation and it only gets crazier from there. 

We’ll find out just how ScarJo and her friends try to get themselves out of trouble when Rough Night hits theaters on June 16.