Scarlett Johansson Destroys Assassins in This Intense 9-Minute Clip From ‘Ghost in the Shell’

Scarjo is our favorite killer cyborg.

Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell
Video Still

Paramount has released some tantalizing bits from Scarlett Johansson‘s sci-fi action epic Ghost in the Shell, and it looks like audiences are up for a hell of a ride. 

Ghost clearly owes something to classics of the genre like Blade Runner and The Matrix—and after this 9-minute look at the origins of Scarjo’s character, the Major, you’ll feel some serious John Wick and Inception action as well. 

In this clip viewers learn that the Major is essentially a human brain inside a cybernetic shell—the movie’s title is pretty literal. But while it seems like one of her creators sees her for her humanity, others are much more interested in her ability as a living weapon.

It’s the weapon part that really takes this look at the film up a level, with a tense buildup to a serious beatdown of a number of bad guys by The Major. She’s brought up short after taking out a very creepy, brain-sucking Geisha robot that pleads for its life. 

The Major doing her job (Video Still)

Ghost in the Shell has been the subject of controversy regarding casting a white actress in a fictional role originally conceived as Asian, but the origin portion of the preview hints that the filmmakers are dealing with the issue. 

The movie opened Friday and it’s received a wide variety of reviews. Make it your Saturday date night film choice and see what the hell is really going on here for yourself.

h/t HighSnobiety