Scarlett Johansson Gets a Kiss From Leslie Jones in a Weird and Funny New ‘Saturday Night Live’

She’s nearly a cast member at this point.

We love Scarlett Johansson when she’s kicking ass in action films or as Black Widow in the Avengers franchise, but let’s not forget that she’s funny as hell, too. ScarJo’s comedic timing was on great display Saturday night as she hosted her fifh SNL

One of the funnier and stranger sketches featured the host and Mikey Day, Leslie Jones, and Kenan Thompson as actors filming reaction shots in an Olive Garden commercial. As the shoot progressed the director’s commands grew stranger, including a command for Leslie and Scarlett to kiss—and neither of them were comfortable with that at all.

One of the most original and funny sketches was “Zoo Pornographer,” lampooning smiley local morning news segments. Scarlett was a reporter in the field at the Denver Zoo, interviewing animal photographer Mikey Day. Misstating his job as “pornographer” leads to a surreal and increasingly more awkward and hilarious situation. 

In a sketch titled “Shud the Mermaid” Scarlett Johansson played against type big time, joining Kate McKinnon’s Blobfish-like and completely creepy mermaid named Shud as her best friend, the equally horrifying “Kunk.” When SNL goes weird it doesn’t always work, but this time it did, with Mikey Day again playing the perfect and completely stricken straight man. 

Plenty of the show’s other sketches traded in its usual political satire, but the best moments were reserved for pure comedy, often showcasing the fact Scarlett Johansson has a lot of fun satirizing her sexy on-screen persona

The next new Saturday Night Live will be hosted by comedian Louis C.K. on April 8, 2017.