Guillermo del Toro Is Developing a Movie Based on the Most Terrifying Stories We’ve Ever Read

Who hasn’t been scared sh*tless by ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?’

Remember Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? Of course you do. The trilogy of folklore horror stories retold by Alvin Schwartz, coupled with eldritch illustrations by Stephen Gammell, are statistically the #1 one reason why children in America have been peeing their pants since the books were first published in 1981. 

Because they weren’t terrifying enough in our imaginations, Guillermo del Toro has signed on to develop the series into a movie.

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Deadline confirmed the news, adding that he might potentially direct the series as well. No word yet as to when this will be happening, but seeing as how the books sold 7 million copies worldwide, it’s sure to make a killing at the box office.

As for me, I’m sleeping with the goddamn lights on tonight.