‘Scream’ Just Turned 20, So Celebrate With the Franchise’s Sexiest Horror Hotties

These are the babes who braved Ghostface.


(Photo: Dimension Films)

Wes Craven’s ’90s horror flick Scream turns 20 years old today. It’s hard to fathom it has been two long decades since Ghostface first lunged onto the screen, uttering those now iconic words to a terrified Drew Barrymore: “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

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Slashing his way through three more sequels (one as recent as 2011), Ghostface has gone up against some of Hollywood’s most formidable young actresses. Perennial “final girl” Neve Campbell has survived four films while others—Rose McGowan and Sarah Michelle Gellar, for instance—haven’t had her same luck.

Below, browse some of the franchise’s hottest scream queens, several of whom have appeared in the pages of Maxim.