This Seahawks Fan Has the Most Elaborate Christmas Light Display in the NFL

Now this is how you decorate.

Obsessive Seahawks fan Anthony Mish really loves his team. Like, really loves his team. To make sure even God himself knows that, Mish strung up more than 175,000 lights on his house to create what we’re going to assume is the most impressive NFL-themed Christmas lights display in the country. The pièce de résistance here is the 490-square-foot Seahawks logo hovering over house like a beacon of feathered hope.

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Since no one can do anything fun these day without someone else bitching about it, Mish’s neighbors are raising a stink about his masterpiece. They say it brings traffic and commotion to their street and generally makes it unsafe. There’s little reason to think they’re lying, but they’re almost certainly omitting one complaint—the disruption the lights cause when they’re trying to get freaky.