Season of Slam: Dwight Howard

The league’s best big man has a score to settle with Miami. And his coach’s mustache.

Miami’s been stealing all the hype, but Orlando may well be the team to beat in the East. Feeling overlooked?

Well, people have been sleeping on Orlando forever. That’s nothing new to us.

How are you feeling going into the season?

It’s gonna be a different NBA—should be a lot of fun. The Bulls have gotten better, and, of course, the Heat have, too. I think it’s a great new beginning for us all. I spent time in China and India this summer and saw some life-changing stuff. Mentally, I feel a lot stronger.

You’re a big bowler. Who’s better, you or Chris Paul?

I used to bowl every other day, and my highest score is a 274. The one time I played Chris, though, I had to use his ball, so he won. I want a rematch!

Your coach, Stan Van Gundy, has a killer ’stache. Have your teammates ever considered growing similar ones for a playoff run?

No way. We have considered trying to get Stan to cut his facial hair off, but he just wants to look like Paul Bearer from the WWE.

It’s been reported that the Magic have a “no farting” rule during practice because of you. Have you ever crop-dusted the floor during a game?

Well, you know, I may have farted a couple of times while going up to dunk a ball.

Is that how you get your edge?

Yes, but it only works for 20 seconds.