Season of Slam: Ron Artest

They call him crazy because, well…he is. Not that it’s a bad thing.

In June you hit the shot that clinched a title, then thanked your shrink on national TV. What could be better?
Winning it again. I’m looking forward to the challenge of three-peating! It’s a hard thing to do.

VH1’s been following you for a series. What are we going to see?
It’s about family. Everything starts in the family, and it goes to other things—seeing how I interact with the fans and how I record music. Player, businessman, and family man. Figuring out how you balance it.

If you came in and edited Maxim, who would you put on the cover?
I would have to put Shin Shin [a Chinese pop singer] on the cover. And I would want to do
a story on Celine Dion, ’cause I love Celine Dion’s voice.

Have you ever met her?
I would love to meet Celine. I need to meet Celine Dion. I’ve been trying to meet her for three years. Every time I try to meet her, they always send me a phone number that somebody on Mars answers. I’m tired of speaking to people on Mars.

So what’s shaved in your head right now?
Oh, nothing’s shaved in my head right now. I’d get the Maxim logo shaved in my head.

OK. When can we do that? Opening night?
Whenever you’re ready. You just gotta fly my barber in from Orlando.

Done. We’re big fans of your Twitter feed, where you drop random updates like, “I’m taking a naked pringle to the beach.” Just wondering what that one means.
I don’t know. It’s just a potato chip. It’s funny. 

It is.
I just like to have fun.