The Secret to Interplanetary Communication Is Hyundais

These Korean sedans are the missing link.

In a very cute spot that ultimately serves to sell Korean near-luxury cars, we meet Stephanie, a young girl from Houston whose father works for lengthy stretches on the International Space Station. To help deliver a loving message to Stephanie’s father in a novel way, Hyundai stepped up and volunteered eleven Hyundai Geneses—and an entire logistics and film crew—to create the world’s largest tire track image, one so large, it can be seen from space. In a highly choreographed maneuver, the Geneses drive over a humungous salt flat to spell “Steph <3’s You” in letters thousands of feet high. Stephanie’s dad got the message, and even snapped a picture with what must be the world’s largest telephoto lens. 

Photos by Hyundai