Not So Fast, That Dreamcast 2 Announcement Wasn’t Entirely Truthful

Hold tight and see where things go from here.

Been scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed and seeing joyous posts that Sega is working on the next Dreamcast? So has everyone else. But I hate to break it to you: the Sega Dreamcast 2 isn’t actually happening. 

But wait, wait. Don’t get too upset just yet. You don’t have take your frustration out on a few rounds of Star Wars Battlefront or anything. The project actually stems from a group of Sega superfans looking to convince Sega to go forward with “Project Dream,” or a campaign aimed at bringing a PC-styled Dreamcast 2 console to the mass market. It appears some misinformation was recently spread by overzealous fans and Facebook groups looking for hot topics to post about. What’s really going on is a whole lot less exciting.

The idea of a Dreamcast 2 actually stemmed from a signature on petition from one Ben Plato, a gamer from Australia who amassed over 22,000 signatures on a petition to present to Sega for a Dreamcast 2. It attracted attention from the right groups, and it appears that now Patrick Lawsen, a member of a special Sega super fan group, is looking to take things straight to Sega of Japan, where he and the rest of the group are looking to host a Kickstarter to potentially get designs for the console and more finalized.

It’s an exciting proposition, but there is in no way a Dreamcast 2 announcement to make just yet. There is, however, the hope that potentially Sega may see the light and decide to go forward with this plan. Let’s just not get our hopes up yet

 We’ve still got plenty to look forward to, anyway. And you probably haven’t even gone through your backlog yet. For shame.