Selena Gomez Heats Things Up in the “Good For You” Music Video

This girl can make just about anything sexy.

A few months back, sultry sensation and Hot 100 staple Selena Gomez released “Good For You,” her new single off of her upcoming album, Revival. The track was accompanied by a sexy, sweaty, floor-rolling music video that had just about every guy minimizing their browsers so their colleagues at work wouldn’t see them listening to a Selena Gomez song (and liking it). The original release had the 23-year old star switching from floor, to shower, to couch, all while crooning about shedding her clothes and still maintaining her seductive swag. Though we saw absolutely nothing wrong with the first version, this newly released take includes an appearance from rapper A$AP Rocky, also featured on the song. He spits the added verse in front of flashing lights and fiery cars, which adds just enough to the video to make you feel masculine again. Check the video out for yourself and see why Selena Gomez succeeds in being so, so good.