Selena Gomez Can’t Keep Her Hands to Herself in Las Vegas

Everyone is freaking out about those Orlando Bloom pictures.

New photos released by TMZ place Selena Gomez awfully close to her old friend Orlando Bloom—who happens to be dating Katy Perry—at a Las Vegas nightclub, and the Internet gossip mill is predictably freaking out about it. 

Bloom, 39, and Gomez, 23, found themselves canoodling on a couch in the VIP area of the Light nightclub at the Mandalay Bay, after Gomez threw an after-party for her Sin City concert there.

Sources in the club tell TMZ, “Orlando was a surprise, late addition to the party… and made a major impression when he got there,” adding, “Selena absolutely went back to her room alone.”

However that hasn’t stopped busybodies from speculating on their intentions, with one breathless “body language expert” telling Hollywood Life that “in one of the photos, Selena is resting all of her upper body weight on his upper chest and her face is towards him. It’s like she wants to devour him.” Hoo boy. 

What makes the photos particularly spicy is that Orlando has been dating Perry for months now, and the couple have gone on exotic vacations and even wore matching Tamagotchis at last week’s Met Gala, which is what true love is made of, after all.

This twisted celebrity drama gets even more convoluted as you connect pals Selena to Orlando, Orlando to ex-wife Miranda Kerr, Kerr to Selena’s former beau, Justin Bieber (who Orlando once admirably took a swing at in Ibiza), and back around to Gomez herself. 

But until Katy publicly shames Orlando for his actions, we’ll take these rumors with a grain of salt— and a couple shots of tequila. 

After all, friends nuzzle each other all the time, right?