Selena Gomez Is Getting Her Own Netflix Miniseries

The singer will executive produce the adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why.

Selena Gomez quickly recovered from the excitement of her first album in two years, Revival, rising to #1 in the charts, and now she’s on to other things. The singer (and sometimes actress) has signed on to executive produce the Netflix miniseries adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why, a popular young adult novel. 

Thirteen Reasons Why was written by Jay Asher and in 2011 the paperback edition of the book hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. In 2011 Universal Studios purchased the film rights to the book. Between then and now Netflix took on the official honors of hosting the adaptation. 

The Wikipedia page for the book summarizes its plot (and presumably, the plot of the mini-series) as such:

Clay Jensen, a quiet, shy high school student, returns home from school one day to find a package from an anonymous person sitting on his doorstep. He discovers that it is a shoe box containing seven cassette tapes recorded by the late Hannah Baker, his classmate and crush who recently committed suicide by drug overdose. The tapes were initially mailed to one classmate with instructions to pass them from one student to another, starting from the one involved in the first story to the last. On the tapes, Hannah explains to twelve people how they played a role in her death, by giving thirteen reasons explaining why she took her life. Hannah has given a second set of tapes to one of their classmates and warns the people on the tapes that if they do not pass on the tapes, the second set will be leaked to the entire student body.

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Correction (9:24 PM): An earlier version of this post stated that Gomez would star in and executive produce the series. She will executive produce Thirteen Reasons Why,  not star in it. 

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