A Viral Photo Reveals Giant Penis In Background of High School Girl’s Senior Picture

Was it a dick move by the photographer?


(Photo: Getty)

Remember senior pictures in high school? When you somewhat awkwardly posed against a tree, or took a knee while holding a football? Or, if you’re this girl, got your pictures taken at Taco Bell? Good times, good times.

Senior pictures are always a memorable thing, considering you’re finally getting the hell out of high school. But for a girl named Alexis, her senior pictures will be something she will cherish forever for a completely different reason: she accidentally posed in front of a giant graffiti penis.

My question here is: did the photographer not notice the large, green dick over Alexis’ head? Or did he notice and silently chuckle to himself and not say anything? I guess we’ll never find out.

But sadly (and hilariously), Alexis isn’t the only person who accidentally had their senior pictures taken with a fun graffiti penis cameo. This other girl was nonchalantly resting her hand on a giant penis, making for one fantastic photo to give to Grandma:

See? Senior pictures don’t have to be boring. Wow, I wish I could graduate all over again and have my senior pictures taken in front of a huge graffiti penis…preferably spray-painted on the back wall of a Taco Bell.

Anyway, congrats, ladies. College awaits. 

H/T: The Cut