On the Set: 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan

TV’s craziest comedian takes you inside his award-winning series.

Fans of 30 Rock are thrilled for the return of TV’s best sitcom, but we’re not sure about star and sound bite machine Tracy Morgan. “I spent the writers’ strike eating, doing stand-up, and playing with girls all night,” he says. “A couple of females is probably pregnant.”

Luckily, Morgan’s appetite for action is matched only by his dedication to the Emmy-winning series about the backstage high jinks at a sketch show. “It’s my passion,” he says. “And it’s a paycheck. You can’t get no pussy if you ain’t got no dough.”

OK, then. So what about those new episodes, Tracy? “We’re doing the same great shit,” he reports. That means network suit Jack (Alec Baldwin) is doing all he can to keep a Republican in the White House; show runner Liz (Tina Fey) is trying not to obsess over her love life; and Morgan’s character, Tracy Jordan, is doing what he does best—causing madcap chaos. “Now I don’t have to go crazy in clubs. I get to do it on TV.” 

That wasn’t always a sure bet. Though gain­ing momentum this year, 30 Rock’s first-season
ratings risked cancellation. “They’re always giving out applications at FedEx, but you think I’m lifting boxes?” shrugs Morgan. “Get the fuck out. Besides, people love the show. Puff Daddy told me, ‘When it ends, I think, Damn, that should’ve kept going!”

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