Seth Rogen Drops Epic ‘Pineapple Express’ Facts on Stoner Flick’s 10th Anniversary

Roll up a cross joint and start reading.

Columbia Pictures

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny McBride got together to star in the best — and perhaps the only — stoner action movie ever made. 

It was called Pineapple Express, and as the trailer reminds you in case it’s been a minute, it was truly something else…

To celebrate the weed opus’ 10th anniversary, Rogen tweeted a series of wonderfully weird behind-the-scenes facts about the movie.

Check ’em out:

But wait! Thats not all…

Producer Judd Apatow dropped some knowledge of his own, which surprised even Rogen:

Finally, here’s one more: Did you know that Maxim hosted the premiere party for the film at that year’s Comic Con in San Diego? 

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