Seth Rogen Tweets Amazing ‘Duck Hunt’ Secret That’s Blowing Everyone’s Mind

Talk about a game changer.

Seth Rogen Paul Rudd Game Promo
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Remember Duck Hunt? 

When the light gun shooter was first released on the NES way back in 1984, it gave players the opportunity to prey on virtual fowl for hours on end while the fabled—and patently annoying—”Laughing Dog” mocked any missed shots.

Fast-forward nearly a quarter-century, and Seth Rogen has dropped a game-changing factoid that many aren’t aware of—even if they owned a copy of Duck Hunt

“Hot tip that’s 25 years late but I didn’t have Twitter back then,” Rogen wrote. “In Duck Hunt on Nintendo, the second player controller controlled the duck.”

Yes, Duck Hunt is a two-player game. 

“Me and my sister found this out because I sat on the controller by accident and the duck kept flying to the top right corner,” Rogen explained in a response to his original post.  

He even verified the mind-blowing claim by tweeting a photo of game’s manual.

“One player is the hunter. The other player controls the ducks horizontally and vertically with the controller pad, trying to avoid the hunter’s shots until the sky color changes.” 

Apparently, very few of his followers ever bothered to read the instructions. A bewildered Brie Larson responded with the word “WHAT” and an exploding head emoji. 

Comedian and Parks and Rec actor Ben Schwartz took the news especially hard, tweeting “I feel sick…” 

Others reflected and reminisced about their youth spent playing Duck Hunt.

There’s still a lot of love for Duck Hunt out there. And since you’re probably already brimming with nostalgia for the retro game, here’s nearly an hour of original gameplay.