Watch Seth Rogen and Ricky Williams Tell Bill Simmons Wild Weed Stories On ‘Any Given Wednesday’

Simmons decided to make his HBO show’s “Speed Round” into a “Weed Round.”

Former ESPN star Bill Simmons has found a new home on HBO with his weekly series Any Given Wednesday. Relying heavily on Simmons’s insightful and entertaining interviews, the show often puts together fascinating combinations of guests, such as Malcolm Gladwell and Mark Cuban or Chris Bosh and Anthony Anderson.

Last night Simmons featured two members of the stoner hall of fame, Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express, Knocked Up) and Ricky Williams (Former NFL star and marijuana advocate). While Williams addressed the hypocrisy of the NFL’s drug policy—which bans weed but allows opiates such as Vicodin and Percocet—Rogen opened up about the controversy surrounding The Interview and the armed guard he hired to stop any potential North Korean assassins. 

When it was time for the weekly “speed round” in which Simmons poses a number of rapid-fire questions to his guests, the show called an audible and instead featured a “weed round” asking two of the most famous tokers a number of weed-related queries. 

Long story short, we learned that Willie Nelson has a high tolerance, Edward Norton is down to smoke, and if you find yourself way too damned high, try spiking your blood sugar by eating or drinking something sweet. Check out the full segment above to get the full funny and entertaining low-down from Rogen and Williams themselves.


Keith Gordon