Watch a 12-Year-Old Seth Rogen Get Dirty in One of His Very First Stand-Up Sets

The kid had talent.

Seth Rogen
Left: Getty Images

Twelve-year-olds generally don’t have near enough life experience to craft an entertaining stand-up set. But a even as a preteen, Seth Rogen was ahead of the curve. 

The above recording shows the young Vancouver, Canada, native giving one of his first ever performances at a lesbian bar called The Lotus. 

He’s mentioned the set before on The Tonight Show, telling Jimmy Fallon that he “thought it was ladies’ night.”  

The future comedy star doesn’t exactly kill. He does, however, get plenty of applause breaks from the crowd as he impersonates his grandparents, recounts awkward experiences from “Jewish summer camp” and even tries out a light Holocaust joke.

Plus, he rocks the hell out of that curly head of hair.