There Will Be Plenty of Sex and Violence in Jessica Jones

Here’s what was revealed about the secretive new Netflix series at Comic Con. 

Krysten Ritter and Jessica Jonesshowrunner Melissa Rosenberg stopped by New York Comic Con this weekend to talk about what we can (and can’t) expect from upcoming Netflix series in the Marvel universe.

Fans can expect the show to stay pretty true to Marvel’s Alias comic book series — Ritter told Collider’s Steve Weintraub that she drew heavily from the comics in bringing Jessica Jones to life.  “She’s as developed for television as she is in the comics,” Ritter said.

“Marvel wasn’t afraid as a studio to let Jessica Jones make some really stupidass decisions, to be wrong, to look ugly as a character, to go into this dark,” Rosenberg said. “And I think that defines the show in so much ways, you could have a character who actually really fucked up but there’s something really at her core that keeps us with her.”

But that doesn’t mean they weren’t completely unrestricted: Don’t expect to hear the F-word, and while there will be plenty of sex, according to Vulture, you won’t see Jessica’s boobs (because “I didn’t want to” show them, Ritter said). But the actress performed her own stunts: and as much as she enjoyed it, she gave herself — and maybe others — a few injuries.

“It’s thrilling, because I have no experience I may have accidentally punched a few people for real, but I think they kind of like it. The stunt guys loved it, they might get paid more, ” Ritter joked to Weintraub. “I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I loved the stunt guys, the whole department. I was afraid, I think I went in thinking, ‘Oh, they’re gonna think I’m a little girl and can’t do this’ but they were so warm and so supportive and they just made sure I looked cool.”

Not that Ritter needs much help looking like a badass.

h/t Collider, Vulture