Here Are The 10 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

It’s not porn, but it’s damn close…

bio 101

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You know how there’s a special “Steamy” section on Netflix that’s absolutely overflowing with sexy, naughty movies like Nymphomaniac and Y Tu Mamá También?

Well, similar to that, did you know that Amazon also has a solid selection of titillating shows and movies that you can watch when you’re looking for something juuust a little smuttier?

Lucky for us, the folks at Decider and The Daily Dot did the dirty work and dug up the steamiest shows and movies on Amazon, so that we can go ahead and watch them whenever the hell we feel like it.

And so, here are some of the hottest, sexiest movies that you can stream right now on Amazon Prime.

1. Amour Fou

This German flick follows a young photography student who gets involved with a dude she meets in a club…and they take their clothes off a bunch of times, and you see everything.

2. The Skinny Dip

This one is a documentary, but don’t let that discourage you. It’s a documentary on a Canadian woman and her quest to skinny dip all over the world. The entire thing is literally about naked women swimming.

3. Knock Knock

In this steamy thriller, Keanu Reeves plays a kindly family man who welcomes two stranded women into his home, has a threesome with them, and then tries not to die when they suddenly reveal they’re fucking insane and try to kill him.


In a steamy affair, a happily married man and an internet sex sensation explore every nook and cranny of their sexualities through sexy roleplaying, kink, and lots and lots of sex.   

5. School of Flesh

In this steamy French film starring Isabelle Huppert, a fashion executive becomes obsessed with a sexy hustler who satisfies her in the bedroom, but leaves her wanting more emotionally. The hustler proves to be completely batshit crazy, but it’s okay, because the sex is hot.

6. Biology 101

Anyone with a schoolgirl fantasy, this is for you.

Biology 101 is a wildly saucy drama about a teacher who becomes obsessed with his new student, and she happens to be a Lolita-esque minx, thereby making everything that much smuttier.

7. Boogie Nights

A favorite amongst horny teens in the 90s, Boogie Nights is about a nightclub dishwasher who becomes a famous porn star, so obviously it’s full of sex, sex, and more sex. 

8. The Rowdy Girls

In this 2000 B-wester, Shannon Tweed, Julie Strain, and Deanna Brooks join forces as a band of sexy outlaws who fight crime in the Wild West, and have a lot of absurd and very low-budget sex.

9. Extase

Another sexy French film, Extase follows a woman’s quest to revive her faith in God, but through a very unorthodox way – by locking herself in a room with her lover and having hot, passionate sex. It’s really weird, but really hot.

By the way — ‘Extase’ means ecstasy in French.

10. The Handmaiden

Simply put, The Handmaiden is an erotic thriller about the lusty relationship between two women, and you get to see them naked a lot. But aside from the sexual tension and nudity, it’s a good movie with a fantastic story line.

H/T: Decider / The Daily Dot