Sexy Maxim Model Lauren Cohan Says “The Walking Dead” is About to Get “Completely Insane”

The beauty tells us why we should keep watching. Besides the obvious.

For a show that has featured almost endless zombie butchering-porn and some of the biggest “holy shit” moments on television, to say that the last three episodes in this season of The Walking Dead are about to get “completely insane” is quite a bold statement. But the lovely Lauren Cohan said just that in a sit-down with MTV this week about the AMC series. Which is good for us, the viewer, as we’re not in it for the rich character development and haunting soundtrack. We’re in it for guts, gore, and unlikely things being used as weapons for the purpose of achieving the aforementioned guts and gore. Oh, and also Lauren Cohan, of course. 

Currently, Cohan’s character Maggie Greene, the farmer’s daughter, is (SPOILERS AHOY!) wandering towards a place called Terminus, which promises salvation, and definitely not death. There, she hopes to reunite with her husband Glenn, who is coincidentally wandering in the exact same direction. Whatever awaits the brain-battering lovers in Terminus, we’re going to assume it’s not sunshine and flowers and an end to the zombie apocalypse. Not because we have any inside knowledge, but because, seriously, it’s called fucking “Terminus.” Real subtle, guys. 

Photos by Harper Smith