Phil Jackson Says Shaq Used To Show Up to Practice Naked

It was balls out in every way possible.
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(Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty Images)

(Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty Images)

Things got a bit cheeky when Shaquille O'Neal and Phil Jackson reminisced about their halcyon days with the Los Angeles Lakers at an American Express-sponsored event in New York City Monday night.

Instead of spending the bulk of their chat discussing the NBA Finals (Jackson said Lebron has to elevate his game if the Cavs are to have any chance) the greatest anecdote came when the former Lakers coach said Shaq used to show up to practice wearing nothing but his basketball shoes.

“Well, you know, numbers of times, he could crack a team up with humorous effects on the floor,” Jackson told host Hannah Storm. “There were times when he shocked us all in a practice situation, especially when he showed up nude with just his shoes on.”

Shaq provided no further details, but we have no doubt the legendary athlete probably pulled off a few antics like the one that Jackson described. 

After all, former Phoenix Suns coach Alvin Gentry said years ago that when Shaq played for the Suns, he would prank teammates and coaches in the locker room by tackling them.

Let's just hope the nude practice footage doesn't turn up and turn into the latest laughable sports GIF

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