Shark Drags Fisherman For Two Hours

Kayaker gets great footage/free ride vis-a-vis one pissed off predator.

A 22-year-old Florida Atlantic University student took the ole “one that got away” tale to terrifying new levels, after coming face to face with an 11-foot hammerhead shark this weekend.

Adam Fisk was kayaking off Boynton Beach, on Sunday—with two poles in tow—when he inadvertently hooked the undersea asshole, which ended up pulling him for a grand total of 12 miles.

Happily, the Team Rebel Fishing club member was also sporting a head mounted camera which not only recorded the open air action, but captured a bit of the biter himself, when Fisk dipped the device underneath his vessel.

“It would do a 180-degree turn and come straight back at me and that rally scared me because I couldn’t see it, and I didn’t know if it was coming to bite me,” reports Fisk, who ended up cutting the line somewhere near Fort Worth. “I took a South Florida sleigh ride today and I ain’t talking Santa Claus.”