Shaun White, Journalists, and Dogs Agree: The Sochi Olympics Are Already a Disaster

You know, on top of the horrible human rights offenses.

On the eve of the first events kicking off in Sochi (before the Opening Ceremonies, because why the fuck not?), the inevitable clusterfuck that is the 2014 Winter Olympics has already started to unfold. Shaun White, America’s great ginger hope, pulled himself out of the slopestyle event today citing – among other things – the potential for injury on the course. This isn’t the first indictment of slopestyle – Marika Enne of Finland and Norway’s Torstein Horgmo (also in the running to medal in “Most Norwegian Name”) were both eliminated from the Olympics due to injuries on the same course in practice.

It’s not just on the courses that Sochi is failing; the tiny village was never equipped to hold the world’s stage. Hell, it probably couldn’t have even handled just the luge. As journalists flooded in, the lack of preparedness became evident.

Many couldn’t check in to the hotels on account of the rooms not being ready. By “not being ready” we mean, still being hastily built. Even those that could check in were greeted by some difficult circumstances.

But at least the town is full of cute little stray pups! FOR NOW

Photos by Harry How / Getty Images Sport | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014